On the table the relaxation measures in entertainment and stadiums – The committee is meeting today

On the table the relaxation measures in entertainment and stadiums – The committee is meeting today

At her “table” committee of specialists which meets the next ones are expected to be on the table today relaxation steps which will mainly concern them vaccinated.
To this end, the focus of the meeting of scientists will find carnival events, standing in nightclubs, crowded stadiums as well as school trips.

THE government, according to information, it is expected to suggest an increase in the occupancy of the stadiums, with the experts focusing on exceptions on a case-by-case basis. In addition, he is expected to request a return to recreational entertainment and the return of school trips, which the information wants to be accepted.

At the same time, the committee of experts The issue of carnivals will also be addressed, for which, according to the same information, they will probably allow the controlled events indoors, but the same will not apply to the parades.

In any case, the committee will now focus on repealing either relaxation some restrictions both in catering and entertainment, as well as in the stadiums, at a time when the pandemic is moving in a de-escalation trajectory in our country, at a slow but steady pace.

On Tuesday, the cases announced by ΕΟΔΥ reached 21,412, the dead were 77, while the intubated, are a few days below 500 and in particular have dropped after a very long time to 489.

The route pandemic stabilization Professor of Pulmonology Nikos Tzanakis confirmed, speaking to SKAI, characteristically stating that “we are in a process of de-escalation of all indicators and in the process of stabilization”. In addition, he stressed that both hospitalizations and deaths are escalating.

Towards the end of the month, Mr. Tzanakis estimates that the deaths will be below 70, as the deaths we see now are the cases that occurred three weeks ago.

By the end of March, we will have more than 10,000 cases, he said, stressing that “we must not lift all measures. We have to keep the mask “, he emphasizes emphatically.

The same time, upward trends observed in the mean weekly viral load of SARS-CoV-2 in urban wastewater in four of the nine areas controlled by the National Wastewater Epidemiology Network (EDEL) of EODY.

In this light, purely upward trends were observed in Xanthi (+ 42%) and Corfu (+ 454%), while the increases were marginal in Alexandroupolis (+ 17%) and Ioannina (+ 20%).

Declining was the trend of viral load in Attica (-33%), while marginally declining was in Patras (-24%). The viral load of urban wastewater remained virtually stable in Volos (-9%), Larissa (+ 7%) and Thessaloniki (-14%).

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