BBB 22: Without authorization, Leo Picon publishes on Jade’s profile and says he wants to have control


Digital influencer and entrepreneur Leo Picon, 25, decided to leave a message on the Instagram profile of Jade, 20, a participant in BBB 22 (Globo). Through a video posted on the social network feed, Leo said he had invaded his sister’s social network.

“I’m hacking Jade’s Instagram in ways I won’t say which ones. I can take Jade’s Instagram anytime, Twitter, Youtube, TikTok, all the networks I created back there, they can come back to my hand” , he said.

The sister’s older brother also said he does not approve of the work being done by Jade’s social media team. “I do not agree with the communications, positions, the positions of the ‘ADMs’ [administradores]. This has been getting to me and my patience is very close to its limit. When that limit reaches, like a blind hand of the State that intervenes in society, I will do that, right? Thank you very much, a big hug”, she concluded.

At the end of the recording, it is still possible to hear Leo Picon questioning a friend who is next to him: “I wonder if it’s okay to post without posting any authorization?”. The colleague replied, “No, you are the big brother.”

Leader for the second week in a row, Jade Picon has given rise to talk with her participation in the reality show. Between nicknames, memes, hate and love from the public, the fashion influencer is causing a stir with the twists she takes in the house.

At first loved by everyone (or at least almost everyone), Jade created a strong enmity with Arthur Aguiar, 32, who has already indicated direct to the wall twice as well, and made her go from girl to villain of the edition – including nicknamed “Piton” in reference to the snake species.

Leo Picon has been quite active on social media. Always commenting and making jokes with the participation of his younger sister, the influencer has already been put in a tight spot by Maíra Cardi, 38, Arthur’s wife.

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