According to information, a new combination vaccine against her flu and his COVIDwhich fights both diseases with a single dose, has successfully passed late-stage scientific reviews, as the phase 3 trial shows that the vaccine arms the body with protective antibodies.

In particular, as experts reported to the BBC, this messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccine could become widely available in 2026 – or perhaps 2025.

“We are very happy with the results, because it is the first time in the world that a company can show positive phase 3 results combining in one dose a flu vaccine and COVID,” they said.

Scientists hope that mRNA vaccines will be made and updated faster than the ones currently used against flu and will be better for the ever-changing strains.

In the ongoing trial, the mRNA-1083 vaccine produced a higher immune response than the approved comparator vaccines.

Adapt or improve currently approved flu vaccines, including high-dose ones designed for the elderly.

And it was better than the existing booster at making the body produce disease-fighting antibodies – possibly because it was designed to fight newer variants circulating around the world.

Emphasis on older age groups in testing

The results came from 8,000 volunteers – all over the age of 50 and half over the age of 64, as the trial focused on older people because they were most likely to continue to be offered vaccines against the virus. Any side effects were generally mild – few pain when the needle is inserted into the skin and some tiredness – as with regular vaccines.

Meanwhile, another mRNA vaccine against a disease called cytomegalovirus is in the works, for which he hopes to have results from late-stage trials this fall.