Research: Obesity almost doubles the risk of uterine cancer


Women who are long overweight almost face double the risk of uterine canceras concluded a new international scientific study with the participation of Greek scientists of the Diaspora.

The researchers, led by Dr. Emma Hazelwood of the University of Bristol in the UK, published their findings in the journal BMC Medicine. about 120,000 women from various countries (Britain, USA, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Sweden, Australia), of which 13,000 had been diagnosed with uterine cancer.

The analysis found that for every five extra units of body mass (BMI) the risk of endometrial cancer increases by 88%, ie almost doubles. This cancer – the most common gynecological cancer in developed countries – is one of the cancers most closely linked to obesity.

Obesity increases the risk of this cancer through hormones. According to the study, in particular two hormones -insulin and testosterone- increase the risk of uterine cancer. In the future, there may be medications for these hormones in overweight women at high risk for cancer. For example, a common antidiabetic drug, such as metformin, could reduce hormone levels and thus the risk of uterine cancer.

Ms Heiselwood said: “The links between obesity and uterine cancer are well known, but our study is one of the largest to investigate why this happens at the molecular level. “Our goal is to do further research to see how we can use this information to help reduce the risk of cancer in obese people.”

“We already know that being overweight or obese increases the risk of developing 13 different types of cancer. “To reduce this risk it is important to maintain a healthy weight by eating a balanced diet and exercising,” said Dr Julie Sharp of the British Cancer Research UK.

The study involved two scientists of Greek descent, Niki Dimou of the International Agency for Research on Cancer in Lyon, France, and Dimitris Pournaras of the British Southmead Hospital in Bristol.

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