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Opinion – Cannabis Inc.: Canadian company launches turbocharged CBD


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The Canadian laboratory Thronus Medical, specialized in cannabis, has just introduced a new line to the Brazilian market called Bisaliv Power. In recent years, international companies are prioritizing the Brazilian market, as it is the largest in Latin America. There are several products that arrive, but what stands out in this case is the technology developed by the company. Thronus says that the product has absorption up to 10 times greater, when compared to competitors.

To achieve this standard, the laboratory reduced the size of the molecules and encapsulated them in a water-soluble solution. “The CBD molecule (Cannabidiol, non-psychoactive substance of Cannabis) is lipid”, explains Mariana Maciel Halpin, a doctor based in Canada, who developed the technique. “The human body is made up of a lot of water. Fat and water don’t mix, which makes it difficult for the body to absorb CBD.” The scientist reduced the size of the molecule to 17 nanometers.

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The company highlights other advantages. “It doesn’t cause diarrhea, it doesn’t depend on a specific diet,” says Mariana. It is worth noting that intestinal derangement is a possible side effect in patients who take high doses of the drug. As for the diet, doctors usually advise that CBD be ingested together with some food rich in fat, precisely to improve absorption.

The laboratory also highlights another advantage, which is the fast-acting CBD Bisaliv Power, comparable only to inhaled medicines. “The patient can avoid a crisis, if he can perceive the symptoms, or interrupt it, making it shorter”, guarantees Mariana.

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