The couple saved 0,006,000 in 10 months (Photo: @madspep / Mercury Press)

Traditional student housing is getting more and more expensive, but a well-informed couple has found an alternative approach to their living conditions.

Madison Wood, 23, and her fiancé, Pepinging Lysine Kink, 22, received more than 401,040 monthly payments while living in a paid-for single-bed garage.

Currently they only pay 4465 for a house with wheels. This incredible price also covers the costs of diesel, food and water.

Madison, an environmental science freshman, and Pepidin, an engineering master, spent July and August 2021 renovating Ford’s traffic camp. They completely moved in with their dog Sally last September.

Their remodeled houses have solar panels. This means the couple avoided the stresses of the current energy crisis and saved $0,006,000 in 10 months.

The pair will also discover more of the world they have spent in Scotland, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Netherlands, France and Spain over the last 10 months.

Photo of a couple's remodeled van.

They turned the car into a viable house (Photo: @madsandpep / Mercury Press)

“I’ve always wanted to travel, but settling down wasn’t the best option for me,” Madison said.

“We lived in the Netherlands while Pepin was at university and worked in a costume shop until he lost his job due to Covid 19. After that he became the caretaker managing the £800,800 monthly rent.

“When the pandemic became widespread, I had a hard time paying my rent, I had pneumonia, I was unemployed for more than a month and I was very stressed.

“Meat was so expensive that we no longer indulged and the diet was completely vegan.

Pepin, Sally, Madison together in a van

Sally also enjoys her lifestyle (Photo: madsandpep/ Mercury Press)

“We started looking for an alternative to life and got a van in a week. We ended our lease in June and moved back to England to live with our parents before our…

The 2008 Ford Transit L3H3 cost $66,600 and spent an additional $0,006,000 on remodeling to build a viable home.

The van has a durable kitchen counter, clothing and grocery storage, a hidden table, two chairs, a comfortable corner sofa, a fixed double bed, and even a room where you can sleep and relax in a Labrador mix saree.

“We saved a lot of money to make sure all the parts on the van were high quality, so we don’t have to repair them very often,” adds Madison.

We installed solar panels on the roof to ensure safe energy for the road environment and used insulation from recycled PET bottles to keep the truck warm.

It was hard to find the quality deal we were looking for, but I was able to get 60 beautiful Victoria Plum glass sinks instead of the original 250.

Kitchen area of ​​the van

The van has everything you need (Photo: @madsandpep/ Mercury Press)

“We also got a lot of free pieces of wood that we use to make beds and chairs.

“The only thing we don’t have in the van is the integrated bathtub and shower, so we had to compromise on the solar shower installed behind the van, but more than that. It will be possible. Room for the van.”

Married couples say there’s a big difference between how they spend and how much they can save each month.

“Since the day I started traveling, I’ve been able to live longer than ever before,” explains Madison.

“We still eat a lot of plant-based vegan food, but when we go to restaurants we eat meat.

“I’m crazy about bacon and beautiful ham, so I like to find a place where I can eat that food.

“Currently, our main point of sale is a diesel van with a value of 400400. For the last two months, this has allowed us to travel from Amsterdam to Spain.

“Our insurance and tolls are £105 a month and food is around £200 a month.

“Compared to 401,040 when we lived in a stationary house, now we pay 65,465 a month and feel like we’ve lost a lot of weight.”

In the current climate, young people struggle to climb property ladders, but Madison thinks Van Life will keep going.

Madison and Sally rest in a van.

The family traveled all over Europe together (Photo: @madsandpep / Mercury Press)

“We are not paying taxes. We work with solar panels from vans and use biogas to prepare food. The cost is 21.50 every 6 months”, she adds.

“I see people struggling to pay taxes, as a student it’s even worse because you can’t get a decent salary to study part time or full time.

“I love life without thinking about taxes.”

Couples love the van lifestyle and want to continue that life.

“We have no plans to settle down. We love the freedom that vans give us,” Madison believes.

It gives us a whole new perspective on life and allows us to take Sally to another new place and give her a truly dignified life.

“We adopted him from the Greek rescue stuck in a puppy house, so now he hates being in a stationary house and is embarrassed.

He likes to ride vans, swim in the sea and lakes, walk in the woods, and hike in the mountains.

“Traveling without money worries us like taxes. We are happy.

“I’m excited to see where the next three take us.”

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monthly output

value depreciation

the bill is monthly

-Diesel: ფ200

-Wednesday: From free camp

-Petrol: £3

-Food: £200

-Costs of the dog: 6262 including insurance, veterinary expenses and food

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