Ottoman well of 1900 in Kamara, Thessaloniki – Hole in the road brought it to light


An archaeologist, using a camera, found that this is not a “cracked” pipeline, but a well dating back to 1900.

Well four meters of his chronology 1900 was located in Egnatiaat its height Kamarasafter landslide!

This morning, drivers noticed a large hole in Egnatia and immediately notified the Technical Works Service of the municipality to address the situation.

The presence of the deputy mayor Makis Kyrizidis also rushed to the spot, however after communication with EYATH and DEPA it was found that no issue arose in the competence of the said services. Thus, according to Thesstodayan archaeologist rushed to the spot, who with a camera he installed found that it is not a “cracked” pipeline, but a well dating back to 1900, when Thessaloniki was under Turkish rule.

According to information, the municipality of Thessaloniki covered the hole with six cubic meters of gravel, while a metal plate is expected to be installed in the next few hours. The same information states that during the weekend they will cover the hole with tar.

See photos:

Hole in Egnatia

Hole in Egnatia

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