Bring your single friends and meet people in real life (Image: Insider)

Dating has changed so much over the last few decades that it’s almost unrecognizable from the family side of our parents’ ‘prison’.

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But while swiping to find your perfect match broadens your horizons, it can also be exhausting. From endless digital chats to ghosting and bad behavior that allows the anonymity of the app.

Covid lockdowns have also played a role, with 80% of singles wanting to meet a real person more than before the pandemic, according to a study by dating app Inner Circle.

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The survey found that a third of singles think approaching people in real life is less common, and 87% said meeting someone at a bachelorette party is more social than it used to be. are accepted by

To get through the dry spell and get back to the different games, Inner Circle offers dating with a difference and hosts events across London that bring singles together in “spectacular and unlikely ways”.

From cocktail masterclasses to beach parties to bachelorette-filled Whole Food Festivals, Inner Circle parties don’t try to get any closer to people’s reality.

Tired of endless swiping and texting?  This App Hosts Offline Dating Parties And Events - Inner Circle

The dating app hosts all kinds of events in the best locations in the city (Image: Inner Circle)

There are many reasons to try an offline focused app. New members are screened by a team of real people (safety, effort, mindset). Then you find yourself surrounded by like-minded and open-minded people who are looking for something serious.

Even if you don’t know the llama-to-be, the Inner Circle party is worth it on its own.

In between meetings, you’ll find festival-style events with DJs, cocktails, games, wine tastings and soirees at the best venues in town.

Join the Inner Circle for free here, get a ticket to your favorite event, get out there, prepare to be eliminated, and join in the fun.

Although technically we still date through the app, we can test the connection directly. In other words, sparks can fly quickly.

Download the Inner Circle app here.

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