How: “I love LGBTQ behavior in 2022. I enjoy my sexuality.”


“I decide what, when and how” (Image: Miles Goode/Chad Teixeira)

Welcome to How I Do It. A series that takes you through the sex life of a stranger for a week.

In today’s post, we talk to Chad, a 26-year-old CEO and entrepreneur.

Chad is gay and single and uses the pronouns he/he and they/they.

Chad, who “spent so much time following other people’s rules and not putting himself first,” now believes that “everything in life is going in his favor.”

They add:

“As someone who is gay and struggles with body image and self-confidence, I think this is important.”

Chad’s busy schedule sometimes gets in the way of sex, but he prefers “to be LGBTQ+ in 2022.”

“As a young gay man who will have a full life ahead of him, I am grateful that I am able to enjoy my sexuality during this time.”


Today I had an early start with my client. It’s a tabloid interview, so I wake up at 6 am, talk to the client on the phone, and then talk to the reporter, to fit everyone’s schedule.

After that, we hit the gym and pool before starting the day properly. My day usually consists of meetings and gatherings with my team, but also lunch on the beach with my friends.

I spend half of my time in the Algarve, Portugal and the other half in Mayfair, London. Dinner consists of champagne, seafood, and lots of gossip.

I tell my friends about my weekend. The weekend consisted of several dates and a Saturday afternoon. She told me how she was with her new boyfriend.

On Monday afternoon I have a two-way meeting followed by a call with a new client. He was very nice and I felt guilty for flirting with him, but he definitely backed off.

I work late and go to bed, so my assistant will order dinner for me.


Tuesday starts with a phone call with one of my favorite clients and co-founders.

We are planning a birthday celebration for our adult platform and will briefly discuss how we can engage sex toy brands as part of our patrons, sex artists and client porn star content creators. He came up with some great ideas for the campaign and I’m excited. To get started.

After the call, I research the sex toy companies that have been discussed over the phone and order a selection of products with the help of my co-founder, who is good at this.

I ordered some products to test the quality, others just mine. I love how many brands are making cool, inclusive, gender-specific toys these days.

I have an appointment tonight, so I’m going to spend some time getting ready after work with a massage and facial. I immediately called a friend who dresses for the red carpet and asked her advice on how to dress. She chose Louboutin sneakers, skinny leather pants and a cool blazer. Squeezing the Lewis clutch and feeling good.

The date goes well, the guy is super cute and we laugh a lot.

I’m open to the idea of ​​a relationship, but it has to be on my terms, so I’m not in a hurry.

Attack on Chad Teixeira

Opening Grindr between meetings (Image: Chad Teixeira)


I caught up on some emails on the plane to London. My driver will pick me up at the airport and drop me off at my hotel to recuperate before heading to Soho for a meeting.

I come across many brands and celebrities in need of surrogacy and am particularly excited to meet one – a dating site with a fun twist.

My client and I tell each other bad dating stories and go on dates. I’m setting up a meeting with my co-founder on Friday.

After the meeting, I meet with some of my closest clients. I always love hearing her wild stories at dinner.

Tired from traveling, we got back to the hotel in a reasonable amount of time to get ready for a night of Netflix and self-care, one of the movies.


I’m at a newspaper photo shoot earlier today: I’m being profiled for a big article on mental health and body image.

After the session, it’s time to have lunch with our Love Island clients. This is a good time to see if they are going to drink on Saturday night. I go to my favorite clubs in Soho with a big group.

With a break between meetings, we open up Grindr to see what London has to offer.

I manage to hang out with some nice people and have a drink with one of them later.

Stop by Selfridges to find an outfit for the weekend, and after a little more planning, head back to your hotel to get ready for your date.

I met the guy at a low key place in Mayfair and had a great time.

As expected, the conversation flows and we laugh and drink for hours. She insisted on going back to my hotel to make sure I “get home safe” and know where this is going.

I invited him out for a drink and we spent a few hours together.


Last night’s stunt made me a little queasy, so I decided to have a healthy breakfast at the hotel and hit the gym. After that, I check my message and prepare for a meeting with the Shoreditch co-founder and dating site client.

We all have a free trial of the app and agree to the details of the contract. My co-founder and I decided to celebrate the deal over drinks and finally have some fun with the app.

We have some great ideas for our customers.

Meet your stylist and makeup artist, be red carpet ready in an hour, and head to the venue. I see my ex on the carpet, but I don’t really want to talk to him, so I pretend not to see him.

He annoys me and licks me and leaves immediately. She has a flirtatious yet aggressive energy when we talk, which makes me feel weird. I wish you the worst.

Since my date on Thursday will be meeting at the end of the event, I decided to skip the industry party and go for a drink.

One thing leads to another and you end up back in your hotel room. He is a great kisser and is not bad for others.


Saturday is supposed to be a day off but scammers don’t sleep so I’ve been on the phone all morning trying to stop various stories for my clients.

I look forward to a wonderful evening with my friends, clients and team. It’s always a good time when in London for the weekend. The VIP area in this particular club can get pretty crazy at times, so I hope everyone can just be themselves.

Go to one of my favorite restaurants in Soho for dinner. It is dimly lit and always crowded. Also, I love the huge illuminated ‘SEX’ sign on the wall. Very atmospheric.

My friends and I drink champagne at clubs, do stunts with the cast of Drag Race UK, and generally get on with our lives.

Some good friends and I will be back at the hotel around 4am.


The struggle is real this morning, so after hanging out at the hotel pool and spa, I listened to what seemed like 300 voice notes and WhatsApp messages.

My flight is only a few hours away and I can’t wait to get back to the Portuguese sun. My house has an ocean view and the beach air always soothes my hangover.

Change your location to Algarve on a dating app and call a driver to take you to the airport.

Next time in London… in two weeks.

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