(Reuters) – The New York Stock Exchange ended higher on Monday amid a wait-and-see attitude as investors waited for U.S. inflation figures, hoping to see the Federal Reserve’s intentions on the hike. of its rates.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 1.11%, or 376.66 points, to 34,245.93 points.

The wider Standard & Poor’s 500 gained 46.83 points, or 1.14% to 4,137.29 points.

The Nasdaq Composite advanced for its part by 173.67 points (1.48%) to 11,891.789.

On the oil market, WTI stood at .25 (-0.58%) and Brent at .92 (-0.54%).

The trend was also supported by large cap tech stocks which helped the Nasdaq outperform.

In values, Meta, Facebook’s parent company, gained 3.03%, with investors welcoming the publication on Sunday of an article by the Financial Times reporting new job cuts.

The dollar was down -0.34% against a basket of currencies a few minutes after the close of Wall Street, while the euro stood at 1.0720 dollars (+0.42%).

On the bond market, ten-year paper fell 3.6 basis points to settle at 3.7073%. Its five-year counterpart fell 1.2 basis points to 3.9122%.

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