(News Bulletin 247) – BASF presents today the advances of its portfolio of agricultural innovations in the fields of crop protection, seeds and digital solutions.

In North and South America and Europe, BASF announces that it has advanced several weed management solutions, combining active ingredients from herbicides with innovative traits and precision farming technologies.

“The aim is to provide farmers with the solutions they need to overcome local pest pressures, climate challenges, changing consumer demands and expectations,” the company says.

BASF focuses its innovations on improving the performance of key regional crops, such as soybeans in the Americas, fruits and vegetables in Europe and rice in Asia-Pacific.

The value of the innovation pipeline remains strong, with an estimated peak sales potential of over €7.5 billion, fueled by products launched over the next ten years.

‘Our goal is to become an agricultural solutions provider. This is why we continue to invest with 944 million euros dedicated to research and development in 2022,’ said Dr. Livio Tedeschi, President of BASF Agricultural Solutions.

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