by Caroline Valetkevitch

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The New York Stock Exchange ended in mixed order on Monday, with the Dow Jones and the S&P-500 ending slightly higher as a deal on Silicon Valley Bank assets helped reassure investors about the American banking sector, while the Nasdaq fell under the effect of “tech”.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 0.6%, or 194.55 points, to 32,432.08 points.

The broader S&P-500 gained 6.54 points, or 0.16%, to 3,977.53 points.

The Nasdaq Composite fell for its part by 55.12 points (0.47%) to 11,768.84 points.

The failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank earlier this month raised fears of a risk of contagion and caused volatility on Wall Street, fears allayed in particular by emergency measures taken by US federal agencies.

JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America posted gains of 2.9% and 5% respectively, dragging in their wake the S&P-500 banking sector, up 3.1%, and contributing more broadly to the rise in the ‘hint. Citizens BancShares Inc saw its stock jump more than 50% after announcing it would recover assets from Silicon Valley Bank, whose bankruptcy is the biggest for a US bank since the 2008 financial crisis.

According to Bloomberg, the American authorities are studying possible additional aid to banks, which has benefited the action of First Republic Bank, which could thus be offered a breath of oxygen. Tech stocks fell, weighing on the Nasdaq, a move that Tim Ghriskey, a strategist at Ingalls & Snyder in New York, may have been due to a push for profit-taking as the end of the first quarter nears. that “tech” had a good start to the year.

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