(News Bulletin 247) – Umicore announced on Friday that it has taken a minority stake in Blue Current, an American start-up specializing in the manufacture of solid-state batteries.

The Belgian group, which had already concluded a joint development agreement with the young Californian shoot, explains that this investment will allow it to strengthen their collaboration in the development of solid batteries.

By bringing capital to the company – in addition to supplying it with cutting-edge materials – Umicore hopes to drive market adoption of silicon-elastic composite solid battery technology by mid-decade.

According to Umicore, solid-state batteries offer a number of advantages over current lithium-ion battery technologies, allowing electric vehicle designers to create smaller, lighter and less expensive batteries.

Blue Current, which has its origins in the laboratories of UC Berkeley and the University of North Carolina, has been working on silicon anodes since 2018, giving it an extensive intellectual property base in the domain.

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