(News Bulletin 247) – Carrefour announces its commitment to the health of women at work by implementing unprecedented measures to take into account endometriosis, but also miscarriages and medically assisted procreation (PMA) among its employees.

Thus, the distributor announces that it will henceforth authorize 12 days of medical absence per year for women suffering from endometriosis and having a document attesting to the situation, three days of medical absence following a miscarriage and a day of absence for women having recourse to assisted reproduction, at the time of an embryo transfer, in addition to the legal provisions in force.

“These days of absence, which until now required sick leave and could induce up to several days of waiting, will now be supported and financed by Carrefour France for all of its employees”, assures the brand.

These three measures will also be accompanied by an awareness campaign aimed at managers in order to share the right behaviors to adopt in the face of the various difficulties that women at work may encounter with regard to their health.

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