(News Bulletin 247) – European stock markets are on the rise this morning, Paris gains 0.6% ahead of Frankfurt (+0.5%) and London (+0.4%), the day after a sharp rebound indices across the Atlantic, with +0.9% for the S&P500 and +1.5% for the Nasdaq.

The US markets are indeed carried by the hope of an agreement in Washington to raise the American debt ceiling.

“In a statement released Thursday, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave an optimistic view, saying he sees ‘the path we can take to reach an agreement’,” Wells Fargo said.

‘Furthermore, he even said he expected the House of Representatives to consider a deal next week, with a ‘deal in principle’ possible this weekend,’ Deutsche Bank said this morning. .

On this side of the Atlantic, however, the news promises to be particularly light in this so-called ‘three witches’ session, the day after Ascension Thursday not expected to see any major corporate publication.

In the news, however, let us note that on the occasion of the 2nd session of the G7 summit, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, reaffirmed that it was necessary to ‘give Ukraine the tools necessary to succeed in defending itself and recovering its full sovereignty and territorial integrity.

‘We must provide Ukraine with the necessary military and financial support. And we must do it for as long as it takes,’ she insisted, recalling that the EU alone has already banned nearly 55% of pre-war exports to Russia (= 50 billion euros per year) and more than 60% of pre-war imports (= 90 billion), to deprive Moscow of advanced goods and technologies, and to cut off its vital sources of income.

In European company news, BAE Systems has announced that it has been awarded a three-year incremental funding contract from DEVCOM AC (the US Army’s Armaments and Combat Capabilities Development Command) to support efforts to modernize the Army’s long-range marksmanship via precision-guided munitions (PGMs).

Yesterday, BT Group reported adjusted EPS up 8% to 22 pence for the 2022-23 financial year, but accompanied by a stable dividend at 7.7 pence per share.

Also yesterday, Eni announced the signing of a memorandum of intent with the government of Guinea-Bissau with the aim of exploring potential areas of collaboration, particularly around nature, technology, agriculture, durability and still health.

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