Next Monday (May 22), at noon, it will be decided by the Special Court of Tirana whether the newly elected mayor of Heimarra Fredis Beleris and his partner Pantelis Kokavesi will be released or continue their pre-trial detention, as it became known from judicial and diplomatic sources in Albanian capital city.

Yesterday, the Secretary General of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Haris Lalakos, visited Fredis Beleris in Avlonas prisons in order to have a close look at his detention conditions and the state of his health.

The next developments in the matter, which primarily concerns the official assumption of the duties of the Mayor by Fredis Beleris, will depend on Monday’s decision.

The entire case, which has caused strong reactions, beyond the National Greek Minority of Albania and in Greece, is now handled by the Prosecutor’s Office for the fight against corruption (SPAK).

In his statement, the chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US Senate, Bob Menendez, described the arrest of Freddy Belleris as problematic.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Theoharis Lalakos, met at the pan. Pantelis Kokavesi in Tirana hospital and was informed about his health, which has improved since yesterday.