(News Bulletin 247) – Tech Foundations is hosting a presentation today for financial analysts to detail its transformation plan and the progress made leading to the acceleration of value creation and the raising of its 2026 ambitions.

The company will present the redefinition of the portfolio of offers around the core business activities and its orientation towards leading offers, focused on segments with stronger growth, with a new marketing strategy.

The company is aiming for revenue to bottom out in 2024, at around 5 billion euros, with core business revenue growth of 0% to 2% and a continued controlled reduction in non-core activities business.

It will implement a global margin expansion plan, aiming for a gross improvement of 1.2 billion euros by 2026 and achieving an operating margin within the industry norm.

The cumulative cash flow over the next four years will be more than 300 million euros higher than the initial plan.

Medium-term ambitions are revised upwards with sales returning to growth in 2026, an operating margin between 6% and 8% in 2026 and positive cash flow in 2025 reaching more than 250 million euros in 2026.

Nourdine Bihmane, Chief Executive Officer of the Atos Group and co-CEO in charge of Tech Foundations, said: ‘Although our achievements to date are only the beginning, they allow us to move forward with confidence and to look upwards. our medium-term ambitions. ‘

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