(Reuters) – Leaders of U.S. semiconductor makers are meeting with Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo, National Economic Council Chair Lael Brainard and National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan on Monday to discuss China policy, said a source at Reuters.

Reuters reported last week, citing two sources familiar with the matter, that the chief executives of Intel and Qualcomm were planning to meet with government officials to outline their views on China policy.

The Commerce Department and the White House declined to comment.

Earlier in the day, the US trade association and lobbying group Semiconductor Industry Association called on President Joe Biden’s administration to “refrain from further restrictions” on chip sales to China.

The request comes as Joe Biden’s government plans to update a sweeping set of rules imposed in October to stifle China’s semiconductor industry, as well as a new executive order restricting certain overseas investments.

Further tightening of rules, after China took steps to restrict exports of raw materials such as gallium and germanium, used in the manufacture of chips, would risk “disrupting supply chains, causing uncertainty importance in the market and to provoke increasing retaliation from China,” said the Semiconductor Industry Association.

(Reporting Stephen Nellis in San Francisco and Karen Freifeld in New York, with contributions from David Shepardson; Lina Golovnya, editing by Kate Entringer)

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