Dozens of firefighters are battling the large fire front in Loutraki, whose forces have been reinforced by echelons from Epirus, Central Greece and the Peloponnese.

The crucial point, according to the authorities, is to contain the fire on the Athens-Patras National Highway, so that the flames do not pass to the settlements south of the National Highway.

The front of the fire is developing very dangerously at the point and for this reason it has been decided to remain closed the national road, upstream to Corinth, from the height of Kineta to Corinth.

According to the fire department, 135 firefighters with two groups of pedestrian units and 50 vehicles are working in the wider area, while until sunset they will be spraying water from eight airplanes and five helicopters. In fact, two of the helicopters have been made available by GEETHA and one more for their coordination.

Also, the GEETHA has allocated 40 people as pedestrian units, as well as four construction machines.

According to the fire department, residents were freed in several cases and taken to safe places, while several houses were damaged.

Messages from 112 – Five settlements were evacuated

A message from 112 was sent to the residents of the Kalamaki Isthmian and Paradisos regions to evacuate their settlements due to an ongoing forest fire. Specifically, the message states:Forest fire in the wider area. If you are in the Kalamaki Isthmia, Paradisos areas evacuate to Corinth. Follow the authorities’ instructions.”

police officers rushed to remove the residents from the settlement of Agios Charalambos earlier by going door to door.

Earlier, the mayor appealed through to evacuate this settlement immediately and to remove all residents and visitors from the surrounding areas.

Due to the dense smoke and low visibility, the Athens – Corinth National Road was closed.

According to the Vice-Regional Governor of Corinth, Haris Vytiniotis, the flames have reached the first houses. Areas with olive trees and pine trees have been burned, while there are also reports, as he said, of damage to houses that are scattered in the wider area of ​​Kallithea.

The mayor of Loutraki, Giorgos Gionis said speaking to SKAI that the fire is huge. He also said that the 1,200 children who were in a camp in the area have been transported by buses to the Galanopoulos Indoor Gymnasium.

The nursing home “Elpis” is being evacuated

At the same time, according to the Municipality of Loutraki, they were safely transported to the “Alexandrio” conference center, the inmates of the “Elpis” nursing homeafter the evacuation order given due to the fire in the Kallithea area.

Message from 112

Earlier, a message was sent from 112 to evacuate the areas of Kallithea, Pefkia, Irini as well as children’s camps that exist in the areas.


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‼️ Follow the instructions of the Authorities


There are 54 firefighters with 19 vehicles at the scene, while 3 aircraft and 2 helicopters are operating from the air. Also, 44 ​​police officers with 20 vehicles operate in the area.

Strong winds are blowing in the area which make the work of the firefighters difficult as the direction of the winds constantly changes direction.