(News Bulletin 247) – Summer has been lively this year with numerous announcements and company results galore. News Bulletin 247 offers you a quiz to test your news follow-up and catch up on what you missed.

It’s hard not to go on vacation in July or August, like most market operators. And yet the stock market news is relatively dense in this period, with in particular a season of results in the middle of summer and the big meeting of Jackson Hole, at the end of August. Summer is also often the time for government announcements that can have a significant influence on the market.

Did you manage to follow the news as well as possible over these two months? As the start of the new school year looms, News Bulletin 247 invites you to test your knowledge of this summer period, via a quiz of fourteen questions. Which also seemed to us more playful and friendly than summarizing this news for you in a single article which would certainly have been too dense.

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Let’s be honest: this quiz is very difficult, and getting all the questions right requires you to have had excellent news tracking over all of those two months. We challenge you to post a score of 100%, which no member of our editorial team has managed to achieve.

And don’t be too hard on yourself if your score is not up to your expectations: the holidays are also a time for disconnecting and there is nothing shameful in letting go of ballast during this period. period. The idea of ​​this quiz is also to draw your attention to information that could have escaped you when you took a well-deserved rest.

We hope you enjoy this little quiz nonetheless and wish you good luck!