MADRID (Reuters) – Four Spanish factories of tire maker Michelin will halt production again over the weekend of Jan. 20-21 due to delays in the delivery of raw materials caused by shipping disruptions in the Red Sea, it said Tuesday the Spanish subsidiary of the French group.

The United States and Britain launched a series of strikes on Yemen last week, targeting Iran-backed Houthi rebels, whose attacks on cargo ships have disrupted one of the country’s most important routes. important in the world since December.

A dozen shipping companies have diverted ships that previously took this route via the Cape of Good Hope, increasing the duration of the crossing for supplies to Europe by around 10 days.

Michelin had already suspended work teams in its Spanish factories on the weekend of January 13 and 14, due to the extension of delivery times for raw materials necessary for the production of rubber and transported by sea from Asia , the company told Reuters.

Spanish newspaper Expansion reported earlier on Tuesday that Michelin would stop work for a second weekend and the company later confirmed to Reuters that the stoppage would take place on January 20-21.

The move is similar to measures taken by other manufacturers, such as Tesla and Volvo Car, which announced last week that they were suspending part of their production in Europe due to a shortage of components.

Michelin’s factories in Spain are the group’s second largest rubber producers, but the subsidiary said it had sufficient stocks to cope with the current situation while maintaining the supply of raw materials by sea, and that it did not plan to take additional measures in the country.

(Reporting Corina Pons, Diana Mandiá, editing by Zhifan Liu)

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