(News Bulletin 247) – Banks, energy and Ferrari are in the spotlight among the ten largest market capitalizations in the transalpine country.

What are the largest groups on the stock market by country? To find out, the News Bulletin 247 editorial team has decided to devote an article to each major market, retaining the ten largest market capitalizations by country based on data from companiesmarket.com.

Recently passed into the fold of Euronext (which also operates the Amsterdam and Paris stock exchanges) in 2021, the Milan Stock Exchange remains separate from other European markets, whether London, Paris, or even Zurich. According to companiesmarketcap.com, the Italian market represents a total of $768 billion in market capitalization, roughly four times less than the Paris Stock Exchange.

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Ferrari, Moncler and… the Italian post office

Of all the countries where we studied the largest market capitalizations, Italy is the only one where no heavyweight exceeds $100 billion, and not by quite a distance. The largest listed company is far from it: it is Ferrari with 75.8 billion dollars

. If the Maranello car manufacturer has embodied elegance and speed since 1947, let us remember that its stock market history is much more recent. Ferrari joined the Milan Stock Exchange in 2016, following a split from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

Since then, its stock price has increased eight-fold and the transalpine company continues to delight the market. With limited volumes (13,600 vehicles in 2023) Ferrari manages to generate a profit of more than 1 billion euros (1.26 billion euros) thanks in particular to customization, that is to say producing automobiles tailor-made for its customers.

Otherwise, two of the country’s major banks are in the top 10: Intesa Sanpaolo, second, and Unicredit, which was once the subject of market speculation about a tie-up with Société Générale, fourth. The insurer Generali is in sixth place.

The energy is also quite present. Gas and electricity producer Enel is third while Eni, another major gas producer, comes in fifth. Ex-subsidiary of Enel and specialist in electricity transmission, Terna is in eighth place while the natural gas specialist Snam is tenth.

Moncler comes in seventh place. The company known for its high-end down jackets joined the Milan Stock Exchange in 2013 and is now part of the elite of luxury companies in Europe.

Finally the top 10 is completed by Poste Italiane, which as its name suggests is none other than the Italian post office. Unlike its French cousin, it has been listed on the stock exchange since the end of 2015. It was then the largest privatization in Italy in fifteen years, according to Les Echos.

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