PARIS (Reuters) – Atos’ bond creditors rejected the offer to take over the IT group from Czech billionaire Daniel Kretinsky, citing a project incompatible with their own intentions, according to information published by La Tribune.

The economic information site specifies that the bond creditors consider that the plan to erase almost all of Atos’ debt carried by Daniel Kretinsky – in partnership with the Attestor fund -, as well as the fear of a sale to cut, are not compatible with their desire to convert a lower level of debt into capital and to maintain the integrity of the group.

La Tribune adds in its article, published on Saturday, that this position was formalized in a written message sent to Atos, Bercy and the conciliator Hélène Bourbouloux.

Spokespeople for Atos and Daniel Kretinsky did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Atos announced at the beginning of May that it had accepted three proposals from a group of bondholders and banks respectively as part of its financial restructuring procedure; OnePoint, a company controlled by David Layani, the group’s main shareholder, in consortium with Butler Industries; and EP Equity Investment, a fund controlled by Daniel Kretinsky.

The group intends to decide by May 31 on one of the restructuring offers to reach a final agreement by July.

(Report by Benjamin Mallet)

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