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Thessaloniki: An elderly woman acquired a skin condition after cosmetic treatment – 63,000 euros were taken from her


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In the context of conducting a preliminary examination, following an order from the Thessaloniki Public Prosecutor’s Office, the case-by-case commission of its crimes was verified. frauddangerous or serious bodily harm and embezzlement against two women aged 74 and 78 years.

Owner and employees are involved in the case company providing aesthetic servicesagainst whom, as the case may be, a relevant case file was formed.

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In accordance with GRTIMESthe first of the two women, in the context of services provided to them by employees of the aforementioned company, suffered serious and dangerous injurieswhile financially damaged as she followed a series of treatments that were suggested to her, as she was convinced that she had to do them.

Regarding the second woman, three of the aforementioned perpetrators are involved in unlawful withholding of a sum of money corresponding to prepaid and unfulfilled treatment plans.

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The total property gain illegally obtained from the two cases amounts to the sum of the 87,820 euros. The case file was formed by police officers of the Property Rights Protection Department of the Thessaloniki Security Directorate.


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