Bullying in a school in Thessaloniki is complained by a parent – “My son came home stabbed”


One new incident of violence and bullying in weight student came to light.

Father of a schoolboy in Evosmo Thessalonikicomplains that his son has been facing violence for 2.5 years and how has even received knives out of school hours. The accusation of the parent against teachers is also harshSaying that they have done nothing to address the situation.

In particular, Mr. Alexandros Giantsis reported to Focus FM that his son is systematically attacked by a group of about 10 children, about whom he has informed many times the management of the school as well as the Primary School. And he adds that “This violence is protected by his teachers and the parents of certain students”.

“I tried to solve it myself, I have visited the school more than 25 times. I have also gone to Primary. My child has been beaten, severely beaten in the face and body. “We got to the point out of time to stab him in the right shoulder.” he said.

“At school, every time the little one complains, the teacher urges him to continue ‘playing’ with his friends, telling him that there is nothing he can do. He is a normal and very sociable child, who is harassed even when you are with his friends. At one point when my wife tried to discuss it with the mother of one of the children causing the problem, she was attacked. I intend to take legal action now, against the school and everyone responsible. Incidents of violence in schools must be reported immediately. “Let everyone think that it is very close to the evil happening to their own child”, he noted.

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