Isthmus of Corinth: The most impressive construction site in the country from above


The works for the restoration of part of it Corinth Canal Canal whose had collapsed proceed with feverish rhythms.

Dozens of workers, heavy machinery and scientists working day and night in order to complete as soon as possible the reopening of the Corinth Canal.

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In a year that the fuel has caught fire The reopening of the canal is considered crucial remains closed essentially 2 years now in order for both landlords and any tenants yachts but also the commercial ship that meet the specifications to cross the Isthmus to be able to perform it and thus avoid the tour of the Peloponnese in order to be found from the Saronic to the Corinthian and then in the Ionian Sea and vice versa at a much lower financial cost due to fuel savings.

It is worth mentioning that the purpose of both the competent services and the technical company that has undertaken this difficult task is the Isthmus of Corinth to open in the first phase in mid-June to serve the huge volume of boats that cross it every summer and then close again in order to be completed within the winter if possible and the rest of the maintenance work to be carried out.

The images from the most impressive construction site in our country are captivating and both the size of the project and the degree of difficulty that is obvious at first glance really impress.

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