The four “no” of the interrogator to Roula Pispirigou


All four requests submitted by Roula Pispirigouto the regular interrogator conducting the main interrogation for circumstances of the death of 9-year-old Georgina.

The accused requested:

  • Ask the experts how many vials could have been given to cover the total amount of 6.5 μg / ml that killed the 9-year-old
  • If there is a recording of cardiac function by the defibrillator – pacemaker and if through these recordings, the exact time of death can occur.
  • Perform a new toxicological test from another laboratory to verify the relevant results.
  • To examine as witnesses the nurses of the Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center and especially a specific nurse.

According to the newspaper Real News, the investigator responded negatively to all four requests of the 33-year-old.

The rationale behind the investigator’s refusal

According to the publication, the interrogator decided that some of these requests have already been answered by evidence. For the rest he decided that they are not going to contribute anything extra in the course of the case.

“We do not care how much ketamine was given. We are interested in the fact that the content was in a lethal concentration “, the investigator stated characteristically.

The request for new toxicological tests was rejected, as both the toxicology laboratory in Athens and Thessaloniki are authorized by law and therefore provide increased guarantees of reliability.

For the nurse who asked Roula Pispirigou to be summoned for testimony, the investigator emphasizes that she was searched and when she was found she refused to testify.

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