Sailor’s mother testifies in : What the Iranians told them when they invaded – They do not know when they will be released


The agony for them is at its peak Greek sailors on board the two tankers occupied on Friday by the “Guards of the Revolution” in the Persian Gulf.

The crew is said to be in good health, which he confirmed mother of a sailor, Elpida Veveakispeaking on SKAI and the show “Today”.

She said she was able to contact her child, whom she described as terrified and anxious. «It is not easy to be at work and suddenly two helicopters with 18 armed men enter“, He stated characteristically.

Carrying her son’s descriptions, she said that at first the situation was frighteningas the sailors did not know what was happening and who were the ones who invaded the tanker.

«The Iranians told them they did not want to hurt them and hurt them, adding that “we came for another reason.”“, write down.

However, now the situation has normalized. «The next day they gave back their cell phones, let them move freely and left half of those who had climbed on“, Pointed out Mrs. Veveaki.

She herself stated that the ship is sailing in Iranian waters and no one knows when they will be releasedwhile communication is impossible via satellite or internet.

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