Google Doodle honors French poet and playwright Edmond Rostand

Google Doodle honors French poet and playwright Edmond Rostand

Today’s Doodle honors Edmond Rostand, a neo-romantic French poet and playwright. His most famous work was the Cyrano de Bergerac, a work for a knight swordsman with an oversized nose. Like today in 1901, Rostand was elected to the French Academy (l’Académie Française).

Born in 1868 in a southern port called Marseille, Rostand grew up in a wealthy and cultured family. His father, a poet and economist, was a member of academic institutes such as the Académie de Marseille and the Institute de France. As a young adult, Rostand attended Stanislas College in Paris, where he studied literature, history and philosophy. By the time he was 20, he had completed his first work, a one-act comedy called Le Gant Rouge. The play was performed at the Cluny Theater in 1888.

More than a century later, his fascinating stories continue to play on and resonate with desperate romantics around the world.

At the same time, today Doodle celebrates the Day of the State of Croatia. On May 30, 1990, Croatia established its first democratically elected, multi-party parliament.

Despite forming its own parliament, Croatia could not secede immediately from the former Yugoslavia. A year later, parliament finally gained power to declare independence on June 25, 1991, after 93% of citizens voted in favor of Croatia becoming a sovereign state. This event holds the record for the largest voter turnout in the history of Croatia and is considered one of the most important historical events in the country.

State Day honors the country’s transition to democracy, and Croats celebrate at family gatherings, picnics and barbecues. Public officials also lay wreaths at various landmarks to honor fallen soldiers who fought for freedom.

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