Kokkinopoulou for Servetali: The well-paid colleague left so many people unemployed


The decision of Aris Servetalis to leave the theatrical performance “Rhino”, in which he starred, has provoked strong reactions in the art world, because, as he mentioned, he can only play in vaccinated people and is against. Separations.

Faye Kokkinopoulou harshly criticized him in a post on Facebook, noting that he was the only one unvaccinated among 20 people and that despite the counter-offer made to him by the abduction, he refused to continue, leaving his colleagues unemployed. In fact, he described him, obviously sharply – as a “well-paid colleague”.

Her post in detail: “I can not comment on it and let them report to me and let them download my profile. Worth. Servetalis (the only unvaccinated among 20 people working in the play “Rhino”) decided not to continue the performances at the Kivotos theater, because he does not want to play only in vaccinated. The production, in her honor and a thousand bravos, suggested him to continue the performances until the beginning of January and then the show to go down, promising (the production) that he will pay the actors normally until the end of the theatrical season! The well-paid colleague refused again.
Actors (including my friends) -technicians- taxi drivers, cleaners, cashiers, will all be unemployed. We have no hope. Eat. ”

The president of the Association of Greek Actors, Spyros Bibilas, also referred to the issue, stating that he was shocked by Servetalis’ resignation and describing as unacceptable the fact that “a man who says he is so in faith, does not think that other people will lose their jobs.

“I am shocked by Servetali’s resignation, I did not expect it. “I did not expect an actor to stop a show, unaware that other people work there,” said Spyros Bibilas.

The post of Antonis Kafetzopoulos was also decisive, who made the following comment on Facebook: “Acting and hypocrisy are not mutually exclusive.”


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