Papagiannis on bwinSPORT FM: “The message of our world is loud. Let’s continue like this “

Papagiannis on bwinSPORT FM: “The message of our world is loud.  Let’s continue like this “

The impetus given by his people Panathinaikos before the derby played a big role to pass victoriously from SEF against Olympiakos, as he pointed out to bwinΣΠΟΡ FM 94,6 The George Papagiannis.

The international center referred to the zone defense, Nedovic’s class, his own better supply, while he stressed the need for this victory to be a starting point for even more in the future.

The interview of George Papagiannis to Christos Robolis in detail:

-Dimitris Priftis said in the press conference that you showed Panathinaikos DNA in the derby…

“No matter how we have gone so far, these derbies are special. Tactics certainly play a role, but I believe that willpower and energy count more in these games. We showed will, energy and character. We are very happy that we got this victory “.

-Can this victory be made, but also the appearance against Bayern the starting point to see a better Panathinaikos next?

“Certainly we showed a very good face with Bayern. Unfortunately, the end of the match was not what we wanted, because victory always counts. We were upset, but he did not take us down, because we knew that the match with Olympiakos was coming. We kept our good pieces, came to SEF and got the victory. We want to continue on the same path from now on “.

-How do you feel in the zone defense? It seems to work well so far for Panathinaikos…

“We had not played for so long. This defense against Bayern worked very well, it also went well in the derby. We will definitely keep in mind that it is a defense that can give us solutions. “If we improve some details it can become even more effective later.”

-We saw that in the first half you were especially fed up by a lot of your teammates, something that does not happen in many games…

“I got several passes, the game also helped. We are not with all the children for too long, but through training and over time we improve in the part of creation “.

-The good Nedovic showed how much he can raise Panathinaikos, right?

“Nedo showed his class, his quality and why he has made this name for so many years in the Euroleague. He really proved who he is. ”

-I guess you are now expecting a lot of people in OAKA in the match with Zenit…

“Thursday’s match is secondary… People gave us a tremendous boost coming to OAKA before the derby. It was a strong message that the friends of Panathinaikos are by our side and we thank them very much. “On Thursday we want Zenit to be with us again.”

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