Copo Cheio: Festival Pinheiros brings together the best breweries in the region

Copo Cheio: Festival Pinheiros brings together the best breweries in the region

After two years absent due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Festival Pinheiros returns to occupy the traditional street in the western region of São Paulo.

During Sunday (5), from 9 am to 7 pm, the street will remain closed to host different events, including music, dance, gastronomy, art fair, workshops, organic products, walks with pets and the like.

But, it’s worth remembering, this blog is about beer, so let’s get to it.

Goose Island —which is from Chicago, but has a brewhouse on Largo da Batata — teamed up with Zuraffa and Dogma breweries to create an IPA session especially for the event.

One of the pioneers in the neighborhood, Cervejaria Nacional, which is located nearby, on Pedroso de Morais, also participates in the festival with its traditional beer.

In addition to the Pinheiros group, the festival welcomes guests from other states, such as Hocus Pocus, in Rio de Janeiro. The brewery is expected to bring four styles to the party, a German pils, a blonde ale and two IPAs.

And to promote sustainability in the environment week, Goose Island (which belongs to the Ambev portfolio) also partners with startup Green Mining to collect discarded glass bottles during the event.

“The project has an educational bias to help people dispose of materials correctly. The idea is to reduce the volume of waste thrown away inappropriately and take advantage of the collection to reuse the glass in other packaging”, says Vanessa Nastari, manager of marketing of Goose Island in Brazil.

The initiative had already taken place at the 2019 event, when 1,391 kilograms of glass were collected. The goal this year is 2,000 pounds.

Festival Pinheiros – r. of the Pines. Sun. (5): 9 am to 7 pm, free admission.

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