Patrols in Evros with drones and American armor – Army on foot and border guards


Senior army officials, although they do not expect Ankara to reach the end of 2020, made recommendations to Greek soldiers for trips abroad, stating that “the best period would be to avoid”, with themselves to declare their permits only for holidays within the country.

Completely vigilance and absolute readiness set him Greek army and border guards in Evros the youth “Turkish lionesses”in fear of a young man “Hot episode”. Following the recent Turkish provocations, it meant immediate ‘Red alarm», With senior army officials, to carry out even recommendations for travel outside Greeceas the migratory pressure at the border, has already started to increase compared to the previous period.

In accordance with ThessTodaysenior army officials, although as they point out, do not expect Ankara to reach the end of 2020, made recommendations to the Greek soldiers, for trips abroad, stating that “It would be best to avoid this period”with themselves declaring the their permits only for holidays within the country.

At the same time, a clear order was given to the Greek forces “Let no one cross the border”while at the same time patrols have greatly increased both during the day and at night even in the islets of the river. In fact, Greece added to its potential new security devices, such as patrol drones and special US armored vehicles.

At the same time, in recent months it has been up and running state-of-the-art camera system, where they are placed 11 pillars with state-of-the-art radar that are part of “Ears and eyes” of the border guard forces, along the Greek-Turkish border. The specific “Electronic shield” of Evros, has a range ranging from 3.5 to 15 kilometers within Turkish territory in order to perceive migrants in places where there is no fence.

“A difficult summer awaits us”

As wrote, the tragically low level of the river water, creates young people “Places of action” with traffickers seizing every opportunity to pass many small groups of immigrants on the Greek side.

According to police sources, the Greek authorities are vigilant and carry out at least daily 200-300 deterrents of immigrants trying to cross the Greek-Turkish border.

«The low level of the river facilitates the work of traffickers who use more boats, in which many small groups of migrants are stacked. As soon as the weather cleared, we were on full alert. There are no more specific passages, but they use the entire boundary of the river Evros, and for this reason none of us is left over. A very difficult summer awaits usSaid to ThessToday the president of the border guards of the prefecture of Evros, Chrysovalantis Gialamas.

Immigrants try to find every “empty” point to enter our country illegally, choosing to start from small villages, ending up anywhere in the river. Information states that more than 50% of them come from Syria, while fewer from Pakistan and Afghanistan.

«We are fighting a huge battle with the circuits. Many times what we see and experience human dramas is extreme, since traffickers play with the lives of these people. We must develop our strengths very often, with the logic that they will always find “something more”. New fronts are opening, new passages are being found, and we need even more means and people to guard our borders with seriousness and absolute professionalism.He emphasizes.

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