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Economou: After Apostolopoulos’s accusations, will Tsipras look the port authorities in the eye?


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The president of SYRIZA is paying a visit to Rhodes and Symi today.

News attack on SYRIZA, but also on Alexis Tsipraswho is currently visiting Rhodes and Symi, the government spokesman said Giannis Oikonomouon the occasion of his statements Jason Apostolopoulouwho speaking at an event of the European Parliament, argued that tthe Greek port “throws” refugees into the sea, in the presence of the SYRIZA MEP, Stelios Kouloglou.

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«One day after the revelation of the shadow slander of the Coast Guard personnel and Greece, under the support and cover of SYRIZA MEP Mr. Kouloglou – a day after SYRIZA’s silence on whether it officially accepts and applauds this struggle, Mr. Tsipras is visiting Rhodes and Symi today. Is it? will dare to look in the face the men and women of the Coast Guardasking them if “they commit crimes in the Aegean”, if “instead of rescuing people at sea, they throw people into the sea”, if “they leave them on the high seas, without food, water or any means to call for help”?Said Mr. Economou characteristically.

And he concluded that “During his tour today from Rhodes to Symi we are waiting for Mr. Tsipras’s reaction to the darkening of our homeland. Because whoever does not react in front of such a thing and is silent, consents “.

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