Owner of the extinct Alberta#3 opens a new bar, the Miquelina Pub, in São Paulo

Owner of the extinct Alberta#3 opens a new bar, the Miquelina Pub, in São Paulo

Those who still follow the social networks of Alberta#3, a nightclub that closed its doors in January of this year in the central region of São Paulo, after 12 years of operation, may have been in doubt whether the space is back in operation. Some new publications appeared, the profile was active again. But no — this is not the return of the nightclub.

Alberta’s profile came back because one of the space’s former partners opened a new bar, Miquelina Pub, about two weeks ago. And she decided to use the same Instagram account as the extinct address to make the news known.

The pub is about a kilometer away from where the club was, on Francisca Miquelina street, in a two-story mansion. But there is a certain taste of nostalgia. With a more reserved atmosphere, the place has a bar on the ground floor where drinks are made famous in Alberta#3. This is the case of Neiva, for example, which has gin, cherries and spices (R$ 29).

The exposed brick wall in front of the cocktail shop is covered with paintings with female images. No wonder the name of the place is a tribute to Francisca Miquelina de Souza Queiroz, who also named the street. Daughter of Brigadier Luís Antônio, she was one of the personalities of São Paulo society in the 1800s.

​Noemi Rosa, who was a partner at Alberta and runs the address with three other investors, comments that she had been wanting to set up a more cozy bar for a long time. “I got to try this format in Alberta. The counter makes you more comfortable, alone or with others. You have the experience of talking to the bartender, knowing a little more about drinks, talking about life and listening to music”, he says.

But the bar still doesn’t have a defined musical schedule, although she says that this should soon change. “We are making a selection, with jazz, blues, French and Italian music”, says Rosa.

If you’re hungry between drinks, the menu now features seven options for appetizers, such as mushroom quiche with potato straw (R$32), burrata with tomato (R$42) and brie cheese with a cup (R$32). ).

Entering a little further into the mansion and going up the stairs, you reach a hall with four tables and three chairs on each one. The environment is full of lamps, low light and mirrors.

The decoration, with rustic aspects, was made by Drica Cruz, known as Bruxa. And, just like in the old club, the new bar will also have a space to display clothes and antiques.

But it’s a fact that the scenery is very different from the hustle of the nights in the underground of Alberta#3 — the old clubbers might be surprised by the calmness of Miquelina, but it’s still a sign that every party eventually comes to an end.

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