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Sailing coach’s trial: Guilty of misconduct against 14-year-old – Innocent for rape


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The court acquitted him of the charge of continuous rape, by a majority, as the president of the court, a congressman and a juror voted in favor of his guilt.

Ten years ago, the 39-year-old sailing coach was found guilty of abusing his minor athlete, was acquitted by the court on the charge of continuing rape.

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The members of the court did not agree on the charge of rape which was attributed to the 39-year-old defendant, as four members voted in favor of his acquittal for this offense, with a minority of the president, a congressman and a juror who ruled that he should be found guilty of rape.

The four judges who ruled on the decision did not accept the proposal of the Prosecutor who had earlier pleaded guilty to both charges against him, asking only his acquittal for seducing the minor athlete, due to the absorption of the act by the heavier crime of misconduct.

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The verdict of the court caused intense emotion in the mother of the 21-year-old athletewhich broke out in tears.

The procedure continues with the examination of the request of the accused for recognition of mitigators.

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