End TIN and AMKA: The Citizen’s Personal Number is coming – What it is, where it will be used


Identities and driving licenses in the wallet of mobile phones from July

Finally in TIN, AMKA and ID number puts the Ministry of Digital Government, as the next period will be set in application the Personal Citizen Numberas the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, stated yesterday on SKAI 100.3.

However, he explained that its implementation is a very complex process, as now the citizen will need to know a single numberwhich should be “read” by all systems.

Although the original plan foresaw that the new Unique Number would be essentially the VAT number that every citizen has, it will eventually be twelve digits and three digits will be added to the existing VAT number, according to information letters and numbers.

The new number will be awarded once to each citizen and will aim at identifying citizens in the provision of services by public and wider public sector bodies, but also the security of its transactions.

In fact, it will be mentioned in the new IDs, for which the competition has been delayed, as the interested parties have submitted objections that are being examined in the Council of State.

“It simply came to our notice then. In some competitions this happens. This is a very big competition and in fact there are objections among those interested and this has delayed the process. “said yesterday Mr. Pierrakakis.

Identities and driving licenses in the wallet of mobile phones from July

At the same time, from July, citizens will be able to have their driver’s licenses and police IDs in the wallet of their mobile phones.

«We had already done a pilot in terms of identity since last Christmas in relation to covid. That is, where we had the digital certificate for our vaccination, one could add his identity“, Pointed out to SKAI 100.3 the Minister of Digital Government. However, he clarified that initially it will not be able to function as a travel document and their use will be valid only within the country.

The process will be extremely simple and free of bureaucracy. Citizens will enter the application that will be available at gov.gr, will enter their codes and will be able to download these documents to have them permanently there.

According to information, it will be possible to withdraw these documents from the application. For example, if someone loses their mobile phone, they will be able to access the application through another device and “recall” the document.

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