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Thessaloniki: Minors “bullying” and threatening children – They are shocked by what they were forced to do


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One of the accused drove a minor into the forest of Sheikh Su and tried to insult his sexual dignity with the threat of a gun.

In the context of investigation complaints of criminal offenses against minors, aged 13-15 years, which took place during the period June 2021 – early February 2022, in the wider Toumba area, police officers of the local Security Department filed a case against four young Greeksfrom 16 to 17 years old.

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In accordance with Thestivalthe last four, sometimes acting alone and sometimes together, either in school complexes, or in health shops (internet cafes), and even in homes, blackmailed their would-be victims directly or onlinedemanded and in some cases managed to extract money, with threat but also use of physical force, even with the use of a sharp object.

Characteristic of their action was the infliction of bodily harm on their victims in retaliation for the non-payment of the money demanded by them. In addition, they were forced to commit crimes in order to meet their monetary claims.

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In addition to the above, in one case, applying psychological pressure to a minor, they forced her to use cannabis, as a result of which she lost consciousness, while during their intercourse with her in the summer months of 2021, they addressed derogatory comments about her body.

Among other things, one of the accused drove a minor victim in the suburban forest of Sheikh Su and with the threat of a weapon tried unsuccessfully due to the victim’s reaction, to insult his sexual dignity.

The case file, as the case may be, will be submitted to the competent Prosecutor.

On the occasion of the above case, the General Police Directorate of Thessaloniki, in order to avoid such delinquent behaviors, informs and proposes:

• When you find or experience similar behaviors, move away and look for a safe place where there is adult supervision or other children who can help you if needed.

• Talk to an adult you trust (parents, teachers, etc.)

• You can report the incidents to the competent authorities.

And always remember:

• You are not alone
• It is not your fault
• You can stop it.

More tips can be found on our official website in the field “Citizen’s guide”.

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