Accompanied by a lawyer at GADA, Dimitra Pispirigou- Juharan at the entrance- Watch video


On the fateful morning of March 21, when six-month-old Iris left her last breath in the crib, Dimitra Pispirigou was at home with her imprisoned sister.

Reportage: Makis Synodinos

The developments in case of death of three children in Patras after the conclusion of the medical examiners Karakouki-Kalogria who was handed over to the Attica homicide department last morning.

The GADA threshold passed a while ago accompanied by lawyer Othonas Papadopoulos, Roula Pispirigou’s sister, Dimitra in order to testify at the homicide department for the violent deaths of little Malena and especially for the suffocating death of Iris as she has stated, the fatal morning of March 21 that the six-month-old Iris left her last breath in the crib, was at home with her jailed sister.

Citizens who had gathered outside the Attica Police Department they strongly disapproved of it shouting at her: “Inside p ….. @”

The testimony of Dimitra Pispirigou is considered a “key” in order for the experienced homicide officers who are handling the case to solve the puzzle and give an answer to who or who killed the two angels.

In her initial statement she had stated:
«At around 11.30 today, 21/3/2021, my sister and mother of the child, asked me to go and wake the baby so that we could feed him and then go for a walk. I entered the room and holding his hand I felt frozen. Instinctively then I grabbed his chest and then I realized that he is not breathing».

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