Chania: Tragic end to the search for the French tourist – He was found dead in Stavrakia


He was found dead in the area of ​​Stavrakia.

The investigations to locate the 65-year-old French tourist ended tragically as he was found dead in the Stavrakia area.

According to his information cretapostthe unfortunate man was found around 10.30 in the morning unconscious in a place near the path of Sougia.

With the assistance of the men of EMAK, the fire brigade and volunteers, his lifeless body was retrieved in order to be transported to the hospital for an autopsy-necropsy.

The Chronicles

According to cretapost, it all started at around 10:00 on Friday morning when the 62-year-old French wife left her 65-year-old French husband injured and suffering under a tree on the path and went to Sougia to call for help.

Tired and extremely distressed, according to the sources, she sat in a cafe to rest and regain strength. There the owner and the waiters saw that she was in poor condition and asked her what she had and if she needed anything. Then she began to tell them about the adventure she had on the path with her husband.

Without wasting time from the cafe, they notified the Fire Brigade and immediately started a huge operation to locate the 65-year-old Frenchman. The operation involved men from EMAK, the Fire Brigade, the police and volunteers.

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