Sarigiannis in SKAI: 25,000 cases of coronavirus until July 15


For her part, Matina Pagoni stressed that what scientists are interested in is not to increase hospital admissions and put pressure on the NSS.

Scenarios for 20,000 to 25,000 daily cases of coronavirus until July 15, show the models of the professor of Environmental Engineering Demosthenes Sarigiannis, as he revealed on SKAI television and the show “Today”. The professor stressed that at this point the peak of the current pandemic wave in our country is expected.

He described the course of the increase curve of the dispersion as completely predictable lately, due to the variants 4 and 5 that significantly exceed the immunity, while at the same time the measures have relaxed and there are tourist flows to our country.

He recommended the use of a mask and suggested that there be a level of obligation in places with great contact with the public.

Pagoni: We are interested in not increasing hospital admissions.

“There will be outbreaks and recessions of the coronavirus, we expected them. What we do not want is an increase in hospital admissions, where at the moment there is an increase, but there is no pressure,” said in the same show, the president of the Athens Hospital Doctors Association and Piraeus (EINAP), Matina Pagoni.

Ms. Pagoni added that what saves us at the moment is that there is a large percentage of vaccinated as well as the existence of antivirals and protocols that we have at our disposal.

Regarding vaccines, he urged those over 60 to take the second booster dose, noting that – so far – only 17% of them have rushed to do so.

For 30-59 year olds, who do not have health problems, he stated that there is no scientifically proven evidence to go for vaccination.

He clarified that those who have taken the third dose and have become ill are as if they have taken the fourth, ie the second reminder and for them there is no reason to do it.

In any case, regarding the specific age group, 30-59 years old, they should be vaccinated when they have problems, but always after consultation with their doctor.

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