The submission of IACS 2022 declarations is extended until July 14


For all applications submitted from July 15 onwards, a 1% penalty will be imposed for each calendar day of delay and up to 25 days.

The extension of the deadline for submitting IACS 2022 declarations until July 14 was announced by the Ministry of Rural Development, following the relevant decision signed by the competent minister, George Georgantas.

«Based on the time of operation and the pace of development of the submission of IACS 2022 declarations, on the new platform at and the requests of representatives of farmers’ organizations and KYD and in order to continue their submission by farmers, was signed today by the Minister of Agriculture Development and Food, George Georgantas the relevant decision, by which extends the deadline for submission of declarations without penalty (on time) until July 14, 2022. All IACS 2022 declarations submitted from 15 July onwards will be subject to the 1% penalty for each calendar day of delay and up to 25 days“, States in a relevant announcement the Ministry of Regional Development.

He notes that the short-term extension is sufficient to complete the finalization of all declarations, as to date a very large number (about 400,000) has received a finalization protocol and in a significant number of those who are still under submission, the applications have already been processed and is ready to download protocol.

On July 1, OPEKEPE will assess the situation for the cases of regional units, where some KYDs seem to have blocked, through the unique key number for processing, a significant number of applications, without having the expected rate of finalization. So from July 4, OPEKEPE will release these applications, so that in the next 10 days, farmers can contact other KYDs in the area to complete their processing and finalization or submit them themselves online.

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