The Iranian refugee who excelled in the Panhellenic Games speaks to


The interview of Kouros Durmohammadi Bagi on about his success in the national team and the difficulties he faced until he arrived in Greece.

By Makis Synodinos

From her refugee camp Moria at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Thessaloniki. The reason for him Iranian refugee Kouro Durmohamadi Bagi who excelled in Panhellenic and his story evokes only emotion and admiration. Speaking to tells how he arrived in our country but also at which university his dream is to study.

As he says, he and his family tried six times to cross to Greece by boat from the Turkish coast and finally in 2019 they succeeded. After one journey under adverse conditions that lasted 50 whole days they managed together with other refugees to cross to Lesvos. There they stayed in the reception center of Moria where the living conditions were difficult but as he typically says “Whatever Moria was, at least I knew I was in Lesvos, I was in Europe.”

As for the worst picture he has in mind, he said he is with the Turkish police and how he treated the refugees.

However, he did not manage to “throw” Kouros with any difficulty. Neither the uprooting nor the difficult journey, nor the Moria, nor the difficulty of the language. His will to prove that he could do it was the strongest of all. And he succeeded, excellent in the Panhellenic Games 2022, he realized his dream and will study at the Department of Electrical Engineering of Thessaloniki.

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