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North Evia: Romanian firefighter returned for vacation


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Florin Nita fought last summer against the fiery blaze together with his compatriots and Greek firefighters

Last August, he was among the hundreds of foreign firefighters who rushed to help put out the devastating fires in Greece, specifically in Northern Evia, reports the

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This year, as he had promised to the people with whom he ventured to save pieces of nature and property, he returned to take his vacation and meet them in situations out of danger.

This is the Romanian Fire Department officer Florin Nita who together with his family planned his holidays in Greece and a large part of them in North Evia where he worked with Greeks, Romanians and other firefighters and volunteers.

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He is the Romanian Firefighter, whose story and promise was recorded by the Romanian Ministry of the Interior.

His presence in Northern Evia the Association of Voluntary Forces of Forest Protection & Rescue of Prokopio Evia announced:

“Last year’s fire fighting season with the devastating fires had tragic consequences which unfortunately affect us all.

Nevertheless, the assistance of the dear firefighters from Romania and Moldova was decisive in the course and evolution of the fire.

We happened to host the firefighters from Romania and to have them close to us all those days. We talked, we were happy, we took care of them as much as we could. We became friends with many.

And so after about a year our dear firefighter Florin Nita visited us again, with his family this time, wanting to show his children what he experienced here last summer and to support our suffering region.

We sincerely thank him, him and the rest of his team, for what they did for us. We may have lost our forest, and that hurts us, but we have gained a good friend. And that’s priceless.”

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