The retraining of the DI.AS Team begins. announced by Takis Theodorikakos


Criminal law courses, rules of police operation and use of weapons, but also racism and human rights, concerning special rights of LGBTQI and Roma communities, up to behavioral courses, especially for people with disabilities, anger management, violence management and special issues of psychology and communication , includes, among others, the retraining program of the employees of the DI.AS Team, of the Attica Immediate Action, which starts tomorrow, Monday, in the morning.

This is a measure announced by the Minister of Civil Protection Takis Theodorikakos, immediately after the bloody incident and the death of the young Roma man from the dozens of bullets fired by the police in Perama, which is now being implemented for the reform of Immediate Action and DI.AS team, after the changes in the business center and the replacements made in the leadership of the service.

At the beginning of the courses, which will take place at the Center for Security Studies, at the former School of Police Officers on Mesogeion Avenue, Mr. Theodorikakos and the Chief of the Hellenic Police, Michalis Karamalakis, will attend tomorrow at 8.30 in the morning.

According to a relevant order, all the police and special guards who staff the DI.AS team will participate in the training. of the Directorate of Immediate Action of Attica, ie 2,000 people, starting on 29-11-2021, in 25 educational series of 100 people each, lasting 6 days, during the period from 29-11-2021 to 16-07-2022.

It is noted that after each teaching unit, where University professors, graduates and specialized officers of EL.AS will teach, the trainees will undergo evaluation and written examinations and whoever fails will be judged … re-examined and will repeat courses and tests, until to pass.

Postgraduate training will have two parts, the theoretical and the practical.

The practical training mainly includes courses related to the operation and use of weapons, capture techniques, physical searches, blockades, pursuits and simulation of armed conflicts, as well as first aid on the battlefield.

However, the courses of theoretical education are interesting, as they include rules of Criminal Law, which are related, among others, to defense, overstepping of defense, rules of arrest, laws and decisions governing the above issues, etc.

The chapter “Human rights – Racism – Xenophobia – International protection”, includes sections such as the value of man and the right to life, the principle of equality, personal freedom and security, the prohibition of torture, religious freedom, freedom meet and associate, residence asylum and property protection, rulings of the European Court of Justice against Greece and finally: Racism-xenophobia, LGBT rights and Roma communities.

The training also includes psychology issues, mainly related to street policing, such as team dynamics, team control, work stress management, anger and violence management, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Finally, the program is completed with courses related to vocational education, rules of ethics and contact information. The general rules of professional training and behavior of police officers, the behavior of police officers during the performance of their service, but also outside it, factors that affect police-citizen relations and ways of communication, behavior and control of people with disabilities have an important place in them. .

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