July vacation: Discover 10 themed restaurants in SP, full of ETs and lawyers


Sculptures of planets, surrounded by blue lighting and neon lights, hover over visitors. Every now and then, a large green plush alien appears willing to make faces and mouths for photos.

We are at Burger Espacial, a cafeteria that opened its doors in May of this year at Mooca. Inspired by astronomy and science fiction, the space has gone viral on social media. But he is not the only one — he adds to a list of thematic places that have emerged in São Paulo and that invest in decoration for people to take pictures and publish on their profiles.

Since gastronomic establishments were able to receive customers again during the Covid-19 pandemic, the capital of São Paulo saw the emergence of several restaurants, bars and cafeterias with defined themes.

The subjects are the most different and absurd: from ETs to lawyers, from the African savannah to trains and manga. In common, there is the fact that food and drink, in some cases, are no longer the priority.

at Dr. Boteco, opened at the end of last year, the theme is the profession of lawyers, with terms from the legal world and numbers of articles baptizing the menu. Katon, in operation for three months, is dedicated to anime.

Many of them invest in attractions for children, such as a toy library and shows with costumed actors. Because of this, they are all options to visit as a family during the July holidays. In the selection below, discover ten themed restaurants in São Paulo. Get your cell phone ready.

Broadway Burger

Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson appear played by costumed actors in this burger joint, which pays homage to American pop culture characters and Hollywood celebrities. They stroll between the tables, pose for photos and give presentations daily. A red carpet welcomes visitors at the address, which opened in February this year on the east side. On the menu, what shines is the mini-hamburger carvery, for up to R$79.
Av. Boturussu, 802, Ponte Rasa, east region, WhatsApp (11) 99623-3207, Instagram @broadwayburgerbr

Space Burger

At Mooca, also on the east side, the cafeteria is inspired by space and extraterrestrials. On two floors, seven instagrammable environments are spread out, with decorated rooms – on one of them, there is a spaceship abducting humans, for example. On the menu, snacks are priced between R$13 and R$35. To top it off, a machine prints photos taken on site to take home. The hamburger also has five other units for delivery and withdrawal.
Av. Paes de Barros, 3345, Mooca, east region, tel. (11) 99307-4388, Instagram @burgerespacial. Delivery via iFood

Medieval House

From the decor to the menu, the recently opened restaurant makes references to the Middle Ages. With stones on the walls, wooden furniture and barrels, the environment reproduces a tavern, whose drinks menu highlights the mead — a fermented alcoholic drink consumed for centuries. In the Melyna cocktail (R$32), it is combined with gin, strawberry and club soda. The site is home to the Silver Sword Company, a medieval combat team. Therefore, there are presentations with battles full of swords, shields and armor. Shows and board games complete the program.
R. Guapiaçu, 370, Vila Clementino, south region, WhatsApp (11) 97892-2444, Instagram @casa.medieval


Dinosaurs are all the rage in São Paulo and are the subject of yet another restaurant, which opens in March. They appear in a large replica of a Tyrannosaurus rex, which comes out of the wall, and in two other sculptures of different species – Dinogary, the house’s mascot, is a plush green reptile. The address attracts children and has a ball pool and slide. You have to pay R$5 to enter.
Av. Atlântica, 3.391, Interlagos, south region, WhatsApp (11) 98890-3461, Instagram @dinolandia1

Dr. Bar

Two lawyers have teamed up to open this themed bar and restaurant dedicated to their professions. The menu is made up of names that play pranks on terms from the legal world, as is the case of Habeas Corpus, which is a hamburger with cheddar cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and spicy mayonnaise – it costs R$ 34.90 in the combo. Corruption runs rampant among customers — the name baptizes a salmon steak served with two side dishes and is the flagship of the house. To finish off your visit, you can order an Absolution, a milkshake made from Leite Ninho with Nutella (R$ 23.90).
Av. Eng. Alberto de Zagottis, 401, Jurubatuba, southern region, WhatsApp (11) 5686-5300, Instagram @dr.boteco. Delivery via iFood


The restaurant is dedicated to the universe of anime and has become a meeting point for fans of oriental culture by bringing together decor with references to “Naruto”, manga posters and dolls, in addition to a karaoke room and booths themed from “One Piece”, ” Aggretsuko” and other series. The menu features lamens, a typical Japanese dish. Highlight for the Shinobi, which costs R$ 54.90 and is prepared with noodles and miso or soy sauce and ingredients such as boiled corn, egg and meat.
Shopping Santa Cruz – r. Domingos de Morais, 2564, Santa Cruz, south region, WhatsApp (11) 95245-6252, Instagram @katon.oficial

La Villa Mexicana

Fans of “Chaves” can find references in graffiti and paintings on the walls with characters from the series, such as Seu Madruga and Chiquinha. Other themed details appear in a wooden barrel and lamps decorated with the boy’s plaid hat. Typical recipes from Mexico, the country where the series originated, are served in the all-you-can-eat menu. For R$74.90, a combo includes dishes like burritos, nachos and tacos.
Av. João Carlos da Silva Borges, 1199, Vila Cruzeiro, south region, tel. (11) 5641-0531, Instagram @lavillamexicana

Animal world

Here, the theme is the jungle. The chain of cafeterias in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is spread across about 50 units across the country — only in the capital of São Paulo, there are five, the most recent opened in March at Raposo Shopping. The decor is made of wood, with armchairs printed with animal skins, stuffed animals and a soundtrack with sounds of the forest. Snacks and snacks have names like giraffe and polar bear and are served by waiters dressed as safari guides.
Raposo Shopping – rod. Raposo Tavares, km 14.5, Jardim Boa Vista, west region, WhatsApp (11) 947773645, Instagram @euamomundoanimal

Sidequest XP

The hamburgueria ventures into the metaverse and allows customers to interact in a virtual environment that simulates the address, with counters, tables, chairs, the kitchen and even drinks. Upon entering, it is possible to download an application, customize the avatar itself and enter the virtual game. Inside it, the avatar can fulfill missions and interact with other people — all of which are broadcast live on monitors. Games complete the decor, with “Pac-Man” neons, “Zelda” game illustrations and a Game Boy cartridge. When it comes to eating, the suggestions are hamburgers.
R. Alagoas, 112, Higienópolis, central region, WhatsApp (11) 94075-9270, Instagram @sidequest.xp

Temaki Station

The restaurant looks like it came out of the São Paulo subway: the façade reconstructs a train car and, in the hall, there are signs with the names of stations and maps of the lines. Yes, the theme there is trains. Another detail is the windows, which were purchased from the same suppliers as the subway. To eat, the suggestions are the temakis and the traditional all-you-can-eat Japanese food, with prices between R$89.90 and R$114.90.
R. Siqueira Bueno, 2065, Mooca, east region, WhatsApp (11) 93328-6574, Instagram @temakistationoficial

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