Bad weather: Storms and lightning – Floods in Thessaloniki, hail in Larissa

Bad weather: Storms and lightning – Floods in Thessaloniki, hail in Larissa

A second wave of bad weather has begun in Thessaloniki. EMY’s estimates of how it will move in the next few hours. Major infrastructure problems since early afternoon in the center of the co-capital

The weather scene suddenly changed with the advance of the mini-wave of bad weather that in a few minutes turned summer…autumn.

In fact, as reported by thesstoday, at this time a second wave of bad weather is recorded in Thessaloniki, which has been hit by extreme weather since early Friday afternoon.

The streets of the center are flooded while in Thermaikos there are many Beaufort winds that have raised storms.

The bad weather already started in the north of the country and is moving towards the south over the hours, causing significant problems and suffering to the citizens.

The forecast of the EMY for the next twenty-four hours is that strong phenomena with storms and many lightnings will hit mainland Greece up to Northern Evia.

Earlier in eastern Thessaloniki, in the wider area of ​​Pylaia, the streets literally turned into “rivers” while at the same time a large tree fell near the New Switzerland park, at the OASTH bus terminal. A father was also trapped with his two minor children in their car. A passing motorist helped them free themselves.

According to, the incident took place in the stream of Pylaia. A passing motorist helped the father with the two children and they were freed without injury. The passers-by who saw the incident notified the police, in order to immediately stop the traffic on the road and not to endanger other people.

Indicatively in Thessaloniki, the heavy downpour that hit the city once again turned the streets into rivers. Citizens needed the assistance of the Fire Department for fallen trees and flooded buildings, while there was even an incident with people trapped in a vehicle.

Specifically, a father and his two minor children were trapped in their car due to the heavy rain that hit Thessaloniki at noon on Friday.

In front of the Thessaloniki Courthouse, a bucket was swept away by the rush of rain with a taxi driver getting out of his vehicle and stopping the bucket’s progress, in order not to cause an accident. Calls to the Fire Service to pump out water Although the weather phenomenon did not last for long, the Fire Service had to intervene in a total of 12 cases, mainly in areas east of the municipality of Thessaloniki, for cutting down trees and water from ground and underground buildings.

Roads ran into rivers.

Traffic problems were once again caused by the heavy rain. In areas of the eastern side of the city, the problems are more intense. Roads turned into rivers near the stadium of Aris, in Charilaou, while a part of Papanastasiou Street is also flooded. The picture is similar on roads in the area of ​​Thermi.

The phenomenon lasted around 10-15 minutes and had the result of causing quite a few traffic problems in the city, flooding streets, and also forcing store owners to take their brooms in some cases.

Trees were uprooted

Strong winds uprooted a tree on Agios Dimitriou Street, in Thessaloniki.

The tree ended up in a passing vehicle. Miraculously, the driver was not injured. The incident took place at 6 pm, at the height of Kavtanzoglio.

The road was closed and a team of the Fire Department undertook to cut and remove the tree.

Lightning in a house

They had a heart attack in a rural home in Larissa, when lightning struck the roof of the house causing a fire.

Inside the house on Karditsis Street was the grandmother with her grandchildren.

Fortunately, everyone got out unharmed.

Hail like a walnut in Farsala

The bad weather hit the villages of Larissa on Friday afternoon. For a full twenty minutes, a severe hailstorm hit the village of Kileler municipality, Chara, he reports.

The hail was the size of a walnut. Hail fell once again in the area of ​​Farsala.

Hail in Farsala

Hail in Farsala

Calls to the Fire Department in Thessaloniki

The end of the heavy rainfall that occurred earlier in Thessaloniki “brought” to the fore again flooded roads and shopkeepers to remove the water from their shops with brooms. However, the Fire Department received more than ten calls for water leaks from houses, mainly in Eastern Thessaloniki

Heavy rain but no problems in Halkidiki and Kilkis

Heavy rain, but without problems, occurred in Halkidiki and Kilkis, as the head of the civil protection department of the Central Macedonia Region, Babis Stergiadis, reported to APE-MPE. Heavy rainfall is expected for the next few hours from late afternoon to evening, while the phenomena will continue until tomorrow noon in Thessaloniki, Pieria and Halkidiki.





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