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Bad weather now: “Disappeared” roads, people were freed in Skyros and Skopelos


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Flooding and trapping of people from the severe weather that hit the two islands – Announcement of the mayor of Skyros to the residents

Great damage was caused to Skopelos and Skyro from the severe weather that hit the two islands. Roads were washed away by the water and mud and people were trapped, raising the alarm for local authorities, who did everything they could to keep locals and tourists out of danger.

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The bad weather is in full swing and shortly before 8 o’clock it started to rain heavily in the Atticaup to Piraeus.

People were imprisoned in Skyros

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Intense weather phenomena have been observed since early Saturday afternoon also in Skyros, while not a few roads and alleys were flooded on the island, reports the

In its announcement, the municipality of Skyros states, among other things: “Dear Citizens, the severe weather phenomena that are already affecting our island since last night will continue in the next few hours following information from the Meteorological Service.

All residents and visitors of the Island are requested to be especially careful and avoid unnecessary movements as well as swimming on the beaches during the phenomena. The Civil Protection of the Municipality of Skyros is on alert.”

In communication with, the deputy mayor Giorgos Lambrou said that Civil Protection of the Municipality was mobilized early on, with the assistance of external machines where they intervene in the entire road network so that it remains open.

The General Regional Police Directorate of Central Greece announces that, in Skyros Evia, due to rainfall and due to the accumulation of transported materials, the traffic of vehicles has been stopped:

At the 10th street of the Skyrou – Linaria district road. The traffic is conducted from the bypass road Chora Skyrou – Kalamitsa – Linaria.
On a municipal road within the settlement of Pefkos Skyrou (which leads to the beach).
Material damage has been caused to a section of a bridge (7 meters long) of a municipal road (leading to the beach) in the settlement of Acherunes Skyrou Evia.

Torrential rain in Skopelos, “disappeared” roads

Torrential rain fell in Skopelos from last night until today at 7 pm, as a result of which the agricultural road construction on the island was destroyed, causing damages of several hundreds of thousands of euros, reports the

According to the deputy mayor Aristidis Voulgaris, rural roads were destroyed throughout the island, as well as forest roads, while the water brought down rubble on the roads of the villages of Skopelos.

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