The heat wave hits the Iberian peninsula and threatens France and Britain


The heat wave that started on Sunday is expected to last 9-10 days.

With the temperature exceeding 40 degreesthe Iberian Peninsula is being tested again today, while the mercury is expected to rise further in the coming days, less than a month after the previous heat wave.

The successive waves heatwave is a direct consequence of climate change, according to scientists, since the gas emissions that cause it greenhouse effect simultaneously increase the intensity, duration and frequency of these phenomena.

According to Spanish meteorological service Aemet today the thermometer is expected to show up to 42 degrees in Extremadura and 41 in Andalusia. In the northwest, where it is usually not so hot, the maximum temperature can exceed 35 degrees.

The heatwave that began on Sunday is expected to last 9-10 days, making it “one of the three biggest heatwaves Spain has experienced since 1975,” said Ruben del Campo, a spokesman for Aemet. He also recalled that heat waves have doubled in the last 12 years.

According to Aemet, the most extreme temperatures are expected from tomorrow until Thursday. The agency was not in a position to know as of now whether it will break the absolute record set last August in Montoro of 47.4 degrees Celsius.

In neighboring Portugal, the mercury reached as high as 44 degrees on Sunday in some areas, making it difficult to extinguish the fires, the largest of which, in the community of Ourem, was brought under control today.

A new heat wave is currently hitting south-west France from today. Forecasters expect temperatures to range between 36-38 degrees in the Rhone Valley on Tuesday and then the heat will spread to the centre, east and north. It is possible that from Sunday onwards it will develop into a heat wave (high temperature day and night). According to Sébastien Leas, of Météo-France, the phenomenon will last 8-10 days and its peak is expected “between Saturday and Tuesday”, July 19.

‘Extreme Heat’ Warning from next Sunday, the British National Meteorological Service issued today. Temperatures could exceed 35C in England and parts of Wales.

Temperatures already early this week have been warmer than expected for the season. Today and tomorrow the mercury will reach up to 33 degrees Celsius in south-west Britain.

The UK record high temperature dates back to 25 July 2019 and was the 38.7°C recorded at Cambridge Botanic Gardens in eastern England. Based on some forecast models, the 40-degree mark may be exceeded in some parts of the country over the weekend and into next week.


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