Intervention of the prosecutor’s office for “negative attacks” in hospitals


The intervention of the Prosecutor’s Office was provoked by doctors’ complaints about “raids”, in hospitals, of persons who want to prevent intubation of patients with coronavirus, which were published in the newspaper “Real News”.

The head of the Prosecutor’s Office of First Instance, Sotiria Papageorgakopoulou, ordered a preliminary examination on the occasion of yesterday’s publication of the newspaper, which, under the headline “Battalions of negators invade hospitals”, refers to an escalation of such incidents. the intervention of the Ministry of Civil Protection. The article mentions incidents that have occurred in Thriasio and Attiko, but also in Papanikolaou in Thessaloniki.

The mandate of the Chief of the Prosecutor’s Office, regarding Attica, is to investigate the complaints and to determine whether the offenses of disruption of service function, violation of measures to prevent the spread of COVID infection and violence against employees occur. .

According to reports, the first organized attack on a hospital was recorded last May, when about 15 people stormed the General Hospital of Nice in order to prevent the intubation of an elderly person. A similar incident, with 25 people invading the area, was recorded at Thriasio Hospital last August.

The investigation will be conducted by prosecutor Ioakeim Kasotakis.

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